Institution of Official Powers & Authorities


Ignita Veritas United (IVU), named by the Latin phrase meaning “Fire of Truth” or “Light of Truth”, is a union of States, united by sovereignty and human rights, as an inter-governmental organization (IGO) possessing inherent governmental authority in its own right, exercising official capacity in diplomatic relations.

As an IGO, it operates at the same level as the United Nations (UN), which is also an IGO. IVU is thus positioned for institutional cooperation with the international community at the highest level, while maintaining its own independence, as a sovereign subject of international law with its own official authorities.


Official Status Directly from International Law


The official status of IVU and its IGO official bodies is established directly from United Nations (UN) conventions as international law, which are binding upon all countries, and binding upon the UN itself.  As a matter of law, the IGO does not require any permission, authorization or approval from, nor any affiliation with the UN, to exercise its own powers.

IVU already possesses the only “recognition” it needs, directly from specific provisions of conventional international law, which fully prove its official statutory authorities.  The legal facts of those authorizing provisions are fully presented, in detail with specific section numbers, throughout the IVU website and its IGO documents and materials, as complete and verifiable evidence, giving public legal notice of its official status.


Non-Profit Tax Deductible & Tax Exempt


As an inter-governmental organization (IGO), Ignita Veritas United (IVU) inherently holds statutory universal Tax Exempt status under international law (UN Economic Rights and Duties of States, Article 2.1; UN Jurisdictional Immunities of States, Article 2.1(iii)).  As a Non-Profit humanitarian institution, any US domestic representation is also fully and automatically Tax Exempt by statutory “501(a) Status” under 26 USC §501(a) as a “civic organization for social welfare” and a “society for educational purposes”.

All donations and grants to IVU are Tax Deductible by universal standards under customary international law.  Under the US Tax Code all donations to a domestic representation are automatically Tax Deductible by 26 USC §170(a)(1) and §170(c)(2) as “exclusively for charitable or educational purposes”, and all donations from individuals to its foreign branches are automatically Tax Deductible by 26 USC §170(c)(4).  Any donations through an affiliate Trustee “for the use of” IVU are also fully deductible under 26 USC §170(c).


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